Where to Buy Cheap Furniture in Singapore 2022

Where to Buy Cheap Furniture in Singapore 2022

In this COVID-induced “new normal”, many of us have had to spend more time at home than ever before. To that end, our homes have become so much more than just places of rest and family time. Today, our homes have become offices and classrooms.

They are where we do work, learn, cook, eat, and thanks to online platforms, even socialize and find entertainment.

That said, now that we demand so much from our homes and our home life, many people have been looking to invest more in their homes – to make their simple households more versatile, more capable of taking on the various tasks and duties of daily life. One way to improve the overall functionality, comfort, and productivity of your home is buy investing in furniture. By equipping our homes – or even our offices and our places of business – with furniture and fixtures, we’re turning our households into our personal command centers – a headquarters that provides us with everything we need to get through our day, especially during these trying times.

You don’t have to spend a small fortune just to equip your home with more, and better, furniture. If you’re looking for the best deals on high-quality furniture, why not check online?

Buying Cheap Furniture Online vs. In-Store

Even before the pandemic hit, buying furniture was never an easy or convenient task. For one thing, visiting furniture stores and warehouses often meant a handful of things: paying high premiums for products, waiting in line, requiring staff assistance, and of course, going through the trouble of getting your furniture of choice from the store to your home, office, or business. With the pandemic, you can add health risk and possible contamination on that list, especially since you don’t know who’s been in those stores, what they’ve touched, etc.

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However, when you buy online, you are afforded several conveniences that you won’t find in any physical store. Online shopping platforms offer a wide selection of furniture available – much larger than any single store can offer – and they often come with the best deals and prices for the same, high-quality goods. Plus, especially since we’re talking about furniture, there’s nothing more convenient than having your furniture of choice delivered straight to your doorstep with just the touch of a button, from the comfort of your own home.

Best Places to Buy Cheap Furniture in Singapore

If you’re looking for the best places to buy cheap furniture in Singapore, then we highly recommend looking online. However, even with online shopping, it’s better to go with platforms that are reliable – ones that deal in only the highest-quality products, offer the best services, and come with a track record of dependability and quality. In that regard, here are two of best online shopping destinations where you can find cheap furniture in Singapore:

Lazada SG


  • Free Delivery with minimum spend
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Cheaper delivery solutions


  • Typically slower delivery

Since they’re partnered with pretty much all of the big furniture stores in Singapore, Lazada SG is a premiere online shopping destination when you’re looking for high-quality furniture. Combining a wide selection of products with great prices and top-notch customer service, Lazada SG is one of the best places to check out especially if you’re after the best deals on the highest quality.

Shopee SG


  • Lots of wholesale options
  • Low prices and big discounts
  • Lots of delivery options


  • Delivery fees are pricier

Shopee SG is one of the most popular online shopping platforms in Singapore, and for good reason. With plenty of wholesale partners, Shopee affords customers some of the best prices and deals you can find anywhere. Pair that up with the fact that they have one of the widest selection of cheap furniture available, and Shopee easily becomes one of the best places to buy cheap furniture online.

Best Cheap Furniture You Can Buy in Singapore

Foldable Smart Dining Table

cheap furniture singapore

If you’re looking for a cheap dining table that can comfortably sit up to eight people, then this Foldable Smart Dining Table is a great option to consider. Measuring at 120cm by 80cm when fully opened, this dining table offers plenty of space for family and friends. It’s also a versatile option if you’re living alone, since it folds open and close to save space when you’re eating alone or when it’s not in use.

Made of high-quality wood that’s scratch resistant and water resistant, this dining table is a space-saving piece of furniture that’s well-built and offers a great, minimalist look that’s sure to blend well in your dining area. It’s durable and heavy-duty, and comes with an easy-to-clean surface so maintenance won’t be a problem. It’s also very easy to install and assemble, so you can have it ready to go soon after delivery.

For a table that fits up to eight people, this dining table offers tremendous value for its price, so if you’re looking for a cheap dining table for your home, business, or office, this one comes highly recommended.

Get it now on Lazada SG | Get it now on Shopee SG.

Desmond 2-Seater Wooden Fabric Sofa

cheap sofa singapore

Colorful, high-quality, and very budget-friendly, this cheap sofa is a great option for those who want comfortable, spacious seating at low prices. Made with a durable and stable wooden frame, with comfortable cushions wrapped in breathable, washable fabric, the Desmond 2-Seater Wooden Fabric Sofa is a great value product that makes no compromise in quality despite the attractive price tag.

Measuring in at 116cm x 61.4cm x 70cm (LWH), this 2-Seater Sofa is especially great for smaller spaces – whether it’s for your office, your home, or your place of business. Available in Light Brown, Grey, or Purple, this simple yet elegant piece of furniture offers vibrant appeal for your space.

That said, if you’re looking for something larger and more luxurious, this simple wooden sofa might not fit the bill. Since it’s only a two-seater, other sofas can accommodate more people albeit at a higher price. In this price range, the Desmond 2-Seater Wooden Fabric Sofa is definitely the best-value option.

Get it now on Lazada SG | Get it now on Shopee SG.

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JIJI Modern Storage Drawers

where to buy cheap furniture singapore

If you’re looking for a cheap storage option, then one of the best ones available is the JIJI Modern Storage Drawer Chest. Unlike heavier and more expensive wooden furniture options, this cheap but high-quality chest of drawers is made from durable plastic to keep prices low but value way high.

Available in different sizes – four tiers, five tiers, or six tiers, with the larger sizes including two half-sized drawers at the top – this piece of furniture is a must-have for any bedroom or even kitchen area where you need to store all kinds of things, from clothes to utensils to cooking implements, and more. Measuring in 380mm x 320mm (LW) with height varying from 780mm to 1150mm depending on how many tiers you get, this drawer is a great space-saving and affordable option for your home.

Although affordable and easy-to-carry thanks to its lightweight construction, this cheap chest of drawers may not come with the same elegance and premium quality as other products, but at this price range, it offers unbeatable value.

Get it now on Lazada SG | Get it now on Shopee SG.

EAMES REPLICA Designer Dining Chairs

cheap dining chair singapore

One of the essential pieces of home furniture – and also one of the most versatile – is the typical dining chair. Dining chairs are one of the most common seating furniture you’ll find in households around the world, and if you’re looking for premium, luxury quality at affordable prices, then we recommend the EAMES REPLICA Designer Dining Chairs.

With a design inspired by the luxury crafted furniture pieces from EAMES, this simple yet sturdy dining chair adds a modern touch to your kitchen and dining area. It’s also versatile enough to be used just about anywhere else – whether it’s outdoors like in your patio or balcony, or as an office chair or desk chair.

Available in four colors – Yellow, White, Black, and Gray – these designer replicas add a touch of sophistication to your home, office, or place of business while still offering high-quality performance at a fraction of the price of the original. That said, while you’re getting plenty of value out of these EAMES REPLICA Designer Dining Chairs, don’t expect to get the same premium quality that others pay hundreds of dollars for.

Get it now on Lazada SG | Get it now on Shopee SG.

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Final Thoughts

Whether it’s for your home, your office, or your place of business, investing in high-quality furniture can add plenty of benefit to your space. From improving comfort and productivity, to increasing your capacity for work and accommodation, good furniture has a lot to offer, and it doesn’t have to come at too high a cost. For whatever purpose, need, or budget, we hope you found the best cheap furniture options for you right here with us.

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