Where to buy Gas Stove in Singapore

Where to buy Gas Stove in Singapore

Since we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, we ‘re all experiencing a lot of changes in the way we live. One of the biggest changes is that eating out is a lot riskier than ever before, and many of us are trying to turn our quaint home kitchens into full-on industrial facilities that can churn our meal after meal, day after day.

If you’re looking to level-up your kitchen to cope with your growing food demands, gas stoves are one of the other important kitchen appliances to invest in.

Versatile and cost-effective, gas stoves can enable you to serve your favorite meals, heat up beloved warm beverages, and make desserts for friends and family, and even heat up some water for whatever need or purpose.

Buying Gas Stoves Online vs. In-Store

In light of the quarantine protocols in Singapore and elsewhere in the world, going to stores for buying and canvassing isn’t just a hassle anymore – it’s also a risk. Plus, you have to deal with lines, the possibility of unhelpful sales clerks, and all the other inconveniences of going out.

Meanwhile, everything is easier, more accessible, and less time-consuming when you do it online. With any smart device, you’ll be able to find the best gas stove for you, with all the details you need, right in the comfort of your home.

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Best Places to Buy Gas Stoves in Singapore

If you’re looking for a gas stove for your home, why not consider a verified, trusted, and popular online store to browse instead of your nearest appliance store? Online stores have a lot to offer – delivery services offer convenience, product listings are informative, and it’s so much easier to find the best deals on the best products available.

Here are two for the best places to buy a gas stove in Singapore:

Shopee SG

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Pros – Why Buy Gas Stoves Here?

  • Free Shipping during events
  • Frequent discounts and deals
  • Responsive customer service
  • Shorter Delivery Time

Cons – Why Others May Be Better

  • Expensive Delivery Fees

With some of the best features you can find on an online store – like free shipping events and discounts galore – Shopee SG is also a great place to shop online when you’re looking for a gas stove. They’re partnered with a ton of flagship appliance stores in Singapore, so you’re sure to find the best deals and the widest selection of products on their platform.

Plus, Shopee also has a wide network of partner couriers making their shipping services superior – although pricier – than the competition.

Lazada SG

Pros – Why Buy Gas Stoves Here?

  • Complete and detailed product descriptions
  • Day-to-day discounts
  • Cheaper/free shipping

Cons – Why Others May Be Better

  • App or web interface isn’t very user friendly
  • Longer delivery time

Since 2014, Lazada SG has been known for its outstanding customer service, great product quality and selection, and frequent deals and discounts. Lazada SG stands out with its affordable shipping fees and comprehensive buyer protection policies, highlighting what makes Lazada one of the most popular online stores in Asia. However, probably because of their popularity, users can expect longer than average delivery times, especially on the best-selling products on their platform.

Top 6 Best Gas Stoves You Can Buy Online

There are a lot of gas stoves available on the market today, and with the sheer variety of models and brands available to Singaporean consumers, choosing the best one for your needs and your budget can be a little intimidating. Check out our list below to find out which gas stoves available in Singapore offer the best quality, value, and performance:

Crown Table Top 1-Burner 118FSD (Available LPG & PUB)

gas stove singapore

Image from Lazada SG

The Crown Table Top Single Burner 118FSD is a space-saving portable gas stove. With the dimensions 280mm x 370mm x 140mm (LxWxH) this gas stove can fit comfortably on any kitchen surface.
It comes with a heat-resistant stainless steel finish, an enameled WOK and pan support, and a single burner with automatic ignition. It even has a fire safety device, and is compatible with both PUB & LPG gas tanks.

Despite its portability, this gas stove may be harder to clean than others. Unlike other more premium gas stoves with an easy to maintain tempered glass construction, the stainless steel used in the Crown Table Top Single Burner 118FSD may require more effort to clean thoroughly.

Get it now on Lazada SG | Get it now on Shopee SG

Brandt 1-Burner Domino Glass Gas Stove TG1431B

best gas stove singapore

The Brandt 1-Burner TG1431B Gas Stove. Weighing in at 6kg and measuring in at 255m wide and 475mm deep, this little stove offers plenty of versatility in a lightweight, portable form factor. The Brand TG1431B takes either PUB or LPG, so it should work with any of the regular gas-based power sources usually available in Singapore. One of the best things about the Brandt TG1431B is its Domino Glass construction, which provides an easy-to-clean surface that rejects grease.

Be careful when you’re taking this portable stove with you, though. The Domino Glass exterior may make maintenance a breeze, but the glass construction makes it a little more fragile and prone to damage than stainless steel counterparts.

Get it now on Lazada SG | Get it now on Shopee SG

Goldenfuji GF-8000 Portable Gas Range Cartridge Burner Stove

portable gas stove singapore

The Goldenfuji GF-8000 is a great portable gas range that’s small and portable but robust enough for all kinds of cooking. Measuring in at 590mm x 375mm x 315mm (LWH), the Goldenfuji GF-8000 offers precise temperature controls and takes portable butane gas canisters instead of fixed LPG.

Despite its portability and convenience, one of the main drawbacks to the GOLDEN FUJI GF-8000 is that it’s not very economical for heavy use. While butane gas canisters are easy to use, relying on them on a daily basis can be far more expensive than typical gas cylinders.

Get it now on Lazada SG | Get it now on Shopee SG

SUNTOUCH ST-707 1-Burner Gas Stove

gas stove for steamboat singapore

Like most single-burner gas stoves, the SUNTOUCH ST-707 has a penchant for portability. Lightweight and compatible with portable butane canisters as a power source, this gas stove offers plenty of flexibility and versatility, either for use at home or on-the-go. Measuring 315mm x 245mm x 70mm (LWH), the SUNTOUCH ST-707 is smaller than typical gas stoves, allowing it to sit comfortably on most kitchen surfaces where space is at a premium. It’s biggest feature is the explosion-proof furnace, specially designed for safety and air resistance, which makes this gas stove the ideal choice when cooking outdoors.

One thing to note when getting the SUNTOUCH ST-707 is that, while it’s a great affordable gas stove upfront, the operating costs can get pretty heavy with day-to-day use. Since it only takes portable butane canisters – much less cost-effective than gas cylinders – relying on this stove for daily use may not be the most economical choice.

Get it now on Lazada SG | Get it now on Shopee SG

Tecno Double Burner Stainless Steel Table Top Gas Cooker TTC-F8SV – LPG

singapore gas stove recommend

The Tecno TTC-F8SV 2-Burner Table Top Gas Stove offers twice the performance with two separate burners for more versatile cooking. If you’re cooking for family or friends, having an additional burner can save you lots of time since it lets you cook two things at once. Made of glossy stainless steel, the Tecno TTC-F8SV offers a very premium, high-quality look, and its triple-ring burners offer accurate heat control thanks to the Variable Valve System equipped onto this model. It even comes with an ignition safety valve for standard protection against misfires.

That said, the Tecno TTC-F8SV measuring in at 705mm x 385mm x 110mm (LWH) will definitely need more kitchen counter space than your standard 1-burner stove. It’s also quite heavy, so you won’t be able to take this stove with you on the go for outdoor cooking, but it does offer a great middle ground between versatility and compactness.

Get it now on Lazada SG | Get it now on Shopee SG

Cornell Table Top Gas Stove CGS-P1102SSD

table top gas stove singapore

Image from Lazada SG

If you’re looking for a sturdy, heavy-duty gas stove that’s suited for regular, everyday use, then we highly recommend the Cornell 2-Burner Table Top Gas Stove CGS-P1102SSD. Outfitted with two high-quality burners, this gas stove measures in at 690mm x 300mm x 115mm (LWH), making it a heavy-duty yet space-saving tabletop option for versatile cooking. One of the best things about the Cornell CGS-P1102SSD is that it uses patented technology to offer up to 30% energy savings, so it’s easily one of the most efficient and cost-effective stoves available on the market today. It even comes with Automatic Piezo Igniters for successful ignition every time.

However, if you’re a big fan of wok cooking, you might be disappointed to find out that the Cornell CGS-P1102SSD doesn’t come with wok support right out of the box. You’ll have to get a wok support – either enamel or cast iron – separately.

Get it now on Lazada SG | Get it now on Shopee SG

Final Thoughts

Gas stoves are affordable and user-friendly, and are a staple cooking implement in kitchens around the world. For whatever purpose, need, or budget, we hope you were able to buy the best gas stove for you at either of the stores we recommended above.

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