Office Reinstatement Services Singapore

Office Reinstatement Services Singapore

Every once in a while, the office you are working at becomes old, dilapidated and might not have enough space. In Singapore, if you want to refurbish your office, then you need to employ an approved reinstatement contractor that does office reinstatement.


Office Reinstatement in Singapore comprises of many things.

Here they are



So let’s breakdown these services a bit more and help you choose the best office reinstatement service in Singapore.


Office Reinstatement Contractor Singapore

office reinstatement singapore

Free Quotation

Office reinstatement is no simple task. There are a lot of factors to it and so many variables attached. It’s difficult to estimate the cost of the effort unless a service professional tells you. Some services have a free estimate option, where they send an engineer and this person takes measurements of the floor space, understands the requirements and then puts a dollar value to the work that is to be undertaken.

Find a service that offers a free estimate, that will help you budget!


24/7 Services


It’s difficult and expensive to pay double rent in Singapore and if you have begun your reinstatement work, then you will need the work to be done super quick. Some Office Reinstatement Services in Singapore do a 24/7 job, which means they work 24 hours a day to finish off the work. This helps reduce your costs and get your new office faster.

24/7 services reduce your cost considerably and the reinstatement is done very quickly.



Electrical Rewiring


One of the major tasks of reinstatement is electrical rewiring. Why is electrical rewiring important? Electrical rewiring is the process of replacing your electrical wires and making sure your sockets and your switches are replaced with new ones. This is important because wires get worn out after constant use. This wear and tear loosens the effectiveness of the wires and affect your sockets.  Electrical rewiring also fixes any faulty and dangerous wiring that can cause shocks. This is important for a new office.


False Ceiling Installation


When you’re re-doing your office, it’s important to also think of the aesthetics of the office. The aesthetics and design help with the look of the office and help improve the working atmosphere. One of the ways to do this is to install a false ceiling. False ceilings add a bit of flair to the office and also have provisions for lighting.

If you are reinstating your office, consider adding false ceilings. It will turnaround your work place.


Painting Services


One of the most common reinstating work is painting. A new paint job is absolutely important if you want to feel the experience of a reinstatement job. You can experiment with colours and choose heat protective paint that helps reflect sunlight during the summer. An office reinstatement company generally have a good paint team that can finish the work in a matter of days.

For offices, simple light coloured paint will do a good job in keeping the office well lit.

office reinstatement


Carpet Installation


The flooring and carpet are the most bacteria-ridden places in an office. How much ever you vacuum it, the dirt on a carpet doesn’t go and it’s hard to remove the hard stains. For the sake of cleanliness and to avoid any bacteria build-up, it’s best to install new carpets. This is probably a day’s work and will not take much time.

Make sure to add a type of carpet material.


Flat Price


A good office reinstatement provider generally is very clear with their costs. As they provide you with an estimate, there aren’t too many opportunities for the price to increase. As they take measurements of your office space, understand the paint you require and other things such as carpet preference etc. As the variables are less, the costs are generally flat.


Office Reinstatement Services Singapore


office restore before


office restore after

Before you embark on your reinstatement journey make sure to have a mental checklist of what needs to be done. A good reinstatement provider has the services mentioned above and most importantly they give you a free estimate which can help you gauge the cost and prepare your budget.

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