Handyman Price List in Singapore

Handyman Price List in Singapore

When we move to a new home, everything looks spick and span and all the moving parts work splendidly well. But there is a big enemy to a household and that is time. Over time, and due to wear and tear, small parts to big parts stop working. Now if you want a household that runs well, all the moving parts should work well.

Some of the parts can be fixed by you, whereas, for the others, you will need the help of an expert or a handyman!

There is a lot of work which people don’t want to do as it can spoil their holiday and there are some others too where you actually need an expert to handle as it is difficult to do all by yourself. That is the time when people use the handyman service. There are a lot of companies in Singapore who provide expert handyman at a reasonable charge.

If you are going to search online then make sure that you are going through the reviews well before hiring as sometimes all that glitters is not gold.

Here we are going to give you full details on the

Handyman Rates in Singapore

Handyman Services Singapore (All prices inclusive of labour & transport)

Not inclusive of Material cost

Unit rate SGD
1.Replacing the Door KnobFrom $60
2.Installing ShelvesFrom $60
3.Installing TV bracketsFrom $100
4.Installing wall mounted fanFrom $80
5.Installing mirrorsFrom $80
6.Installing frames and picturesFrom $80
7.Assembling chairs and tablesFrom $80
8. Replace Instant Water HeaterPrice to ask
9. Replace Storage Water HeaterPrice to ask
10.Replacing light bulbs or light fittingsFrom $60
11. Replace Sink/ Basin/ Cistern flexible hoseFrom $100
Painting ServicesCheck Here
Replacement WorkUnit rate
11. Supply & install toilet bowl setFrom $350
12. Supply & install basinFrom $200

Hourly Rate

The rates of a handyman usually depend on the experience they have. The experienced and licensed handyman can charge a bit more but don’t ever hire a handyman without a license because they may charge low but they do not have the full knowledge of doing the job so they may not fix your problem as an experienced handyman will do. The first-hour fee is usually more and it reduces every hour after. There are some handyman companies who provide fix rate but always ask for a quote before hiring them.

Emergency Call

If you are calling a handyman for some emergency work then they will surely charge more than normal. You can try fixing the thing but if you don’t know the process, leave it for experts.

Planning the Budget

A handyman will certainly charge more than a normal electrician or plumber as they have expertise in a lot of work. So, if you have a single problem, don’t go for a handyman, rather go for an electrician or plumber or the expert who will help you out of the problem. If you have multiple problems then certainly handyman is the best and cheaper option.

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Latest Price List of Handyman Service in Singapore

  • Replacing the Door Knob = SGD$60
  • Replacing the Bedroom Door = SGD$100
  • Installing Shelves = SGD$60
  • Installing TV brackets = SGD$80
  • Installing wall mounted fan = SGD$80
  • Installing a ceiling fan = SGD$100
  • Installing a chandelier = SGD$100
  • Installing mirrors = SGD$60
  • Installing frames and pictures = SGD$60
  • Assembling beds, chairs and tables = SGD$100
  • Replacing leaked pipes = SGD$100
  • Replacing or installing a toilet bowl = SGD$200
  • Replacing or installing water taps = SGD$60
  • Replacing or installing shower sets = SGD$80
  • Clearing basin, kitchen, or toilet bowl = SGD$100 – 200
  • Replacing or installing instant heater = SGD$80
  • Replacing or installing big heater = SGD$150
  • Replacing switch socket outlet = SGD$60
  • Replacing light bulbs or light fittings = SGD$60
  • HDB painting service for 3 room = SGD$980
  • HDB painting service for 4 room = SGD$1280
  • HDB painting service for 5 room = SGD$1580
  • Executive HDB painting service for 5 room = SGD$1780
  • Painting service for 1 room = SGD$580
  • Other than all these there are min SGD$80 charges as per trip cost

Note: Prices above are indicative, please whatsapp images of the job for real quotes. 

We charge extra for weekend or night works. 

Services covered by a Handyman (GetHandyman local team)

Let’s see the services that are generally covered by a handyman.

Installation Services Singapore

Installation is one of the most popular requirements in Singapore. Some of the common requirements are


Shelf Installation

If you aren’t able to put your Ikea furniture together or you buy the parts separately, you can get a handyman for cheap to install shelves.


Installing TV Brackets

If you want to make your television, wall mounted, then you will need to drill holes in your wall and install brackets, on which the TV can be mounted on. This is a tough task and will require a handyman.


Installing Wall Mounted Fan

Wall mounted fans are not that common, but if you want a fan at a height and at a certain angle, then a wall mounted fan is your best bet.


Installing Ceiling Fan

If your old fan needs to be replaced, then you can hire a handyman to install a new ceiling fan for yourself.


Assembling Chairs and Tables

If you buy the independent parts of a chair or table, you can hire a handyman to assemble them.


Installing Mirrors, Chandeliers and Frames/Pictures

Redecorating the house? A handyman can install mirrors, chandeliers and frames and pictures. When it comes to drilling holes in walls and tasks that require a certain skill, then you can hire a handyman.


Replacement Services Singapore

A lot of parts in a household need to be replaced. Old water faucets, commodes and more. Here are the common household parts that are replaced in Singapore.


Replacing the doorknob

One of the most common reasons that people hire a handyman for is to replace a doorknob. The knob inside has a spring and has a lifetime of only a few years. When the spring goes bust, the knob stops working and needs to be replaced.


Replacing the bedroom door

Sometimes doors also have a short life span. Maybe the hinges came out or maybe someone accidentally fell on the door and made it loose. Handymen are also more than capable of replacing bedroom doors.


Electrical Work Singapore

As electrical components face a lot of wear and tear due to constant use, every home has some electrical work that needs to be done from time to time. In Singapore, the common one are


Replacing a light bulb

Replacing a light bulb sounds easy and is easy, but if you are feeling especially lazy, you can ask a handyman to replace all the ones in the house for you.


Replacing switch socket outlet

Switch sockets can be hazardous if they are not installed properly and they need to be replaced from time to time. If the sockets are loose, or they are the wrong type of sockets and so on.


Plumbing Work Singapore

Doing plumbing work is out of the skillet for most of us, this is when it’s handy to hire a handyman.


Replacing Leaked Pipes

Leaking pipes can be really annoying. They waste a lot of water and the constant dripping noise can make you lose your mind.


Replacing or Installing a Toilet Bowl

Sometimes toilet bowls get really dirty or don’t flush properly as before. Replacing a toilet bowl is no easy task and needs an expert.


Replacing or Installing a big heater

It rarely gets cold in Singapore, but just the off chance you want some heat, then get a handyman to install a heater.


Replacing or installing water taps and shower sets

Handymen are also good at installing water taps and shower sets if you require.


Painting Services

To have a house that looks nice and decent, it needs to be painted regularly. You can hire a handyman for painting a room or a team of handymen to pain 5 rooms. There are independent prices for each.


Handyman Service in Singapore


Handyman Rates in Singapore

How do handymen, generally charge? There are numerous ways that handymen charge and it depends on the work that is undertaken.


One-time payment

If you have a singular task to be performed and it’s pretty straightforward, then most handymen charge a fixed, one-time payment. You can check out the rates for a one-time fix below.


Hourly Rate

If you need a series of tasks to be performed by a handyman, then a lot of them charge based on the hour. These rates vary with regards to the work that needs to be done.


Immediate Requirement

Generally, if you have an immediate requirement and expect the handyman to come to your place in a few hours to fix the problem, then the rates are generally higher.


Minimum Visitation Charges

A lot of handymen also charge a minimum price to perform a task. So if you are asking them to do something small, you will still need to pay a minimum price, which is generally $80, even if they perform a task for 2 minutes.


Whatsapp us with images for a quick quote. Our transport fee is S$30.

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