Home Drilling Services Singapore

Home Drilling Services Singapore

Paintings, mirrors and costly old antiquities are a part of wall mountings that home owners would love to showcase. Nonetheless, to ensure that the wall mountings and home drillings are done in the correct manner, you will require an expert jack of all trades GETHandyman to have it introduced.

Do you have to penetrate gaps and hang some divider mounting in your home? Or on the other hand do you have to introduce an extra divider mounting in your home?

Handyman Drill Holes Singapore

drilling holes service singapore

There are more individuals these days that might want to hang their TV on the divider to expand the space on the TV comfort. Be that as it may, boring on the solid divider might be a dreary activity and it is smarter to get an expert jack of all trades would have the capacity to settle the establishment of your TV on the divider. This would incorporate sound gadgets, for example, speakers for home.

Curtains not just give protection to the inhabitants inside the house yet additionally piece undesirable sun beams from going into the house. We can repair or supplant any broken window ornament rail. In the event that you are thinking about another establishment of drapery rail, our administration engineers are additionally ready to give that.

Shelves are helpful for beautiful and capacity purposes. It might appear like a simple employment yet without the best possible instruments and hardware, the racks that is introduced won’t not be strong and may crumple if not introduced legitimately.

Numerous who appreciate art paintings might want to hang their artworks or illustrations on the wall. All together for the artworks or illustrations to look pleasantly hold tight the divider, you will require an expert hand man with legitimate apparatuses and hardware to penetrate and introduce the canvas or drawing.


SG$50 onwards

– Hanging Pictures

– Re-fill holes/gaps left by previous drilling

– Install Wall Hangings, Kitchen and Bathroom accessories.

– Install Mirrors , Racks, Bars and so on .


– Install Blinds , Curtain tracks .

– Install TV Wall mount brackets


– Install and assemble furniture that needs drilling

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