Nippon Paint Price List in Singapore 2020

Nippon Paint Price List in Singapore 2020

Nippon Paint is one of the leading manufacturers of paint in the world and the number one paint manufacturer in Asia. The company is based in Japan and has been in the paint manufacturing industry for 138 years. With high-end Japanese technology, Nippon produces quality paints for homes, industries, and automobile sectors. Nippon set its foot in Singapore in 1965, and since then has become the country’s favourite paint decorating most parts of it.

Unlike other paint manufacturers, Nippon produces a wide variety of paints such as Anti-bacterial paints, Easy-to-wash coatings, Odour-less Medifresh paints, Anti-mosquito paints, Weatherbond Algaeguard paints, Aqua Bodelac paints, and many others which make it stand out from its competitors.

Nippon Price List in Singapore 2020

nippon paint singapore catalogue
Check out the prices
nippon paint singapore prices
Check out the prices

Nippon Paint Singapore Catalogue

ProductHorme’s PriceNippon Official Price
Nippon Paint Odourless All in One 1L [1488 Colours]$25$28
Nippon Paint Vinilex 5000 1L [1489 Colours]$19.50$21
Nippon Paint Easywash with Teflon 1L [1488 Colours]$22.50$26
Nippon Paint Odourless Anti Mould Ceiling White 1L$17$24
Nippon Paint Bodelac 9000 for Wood & Metal 1L [1491 Colours]$20$25
Nippon Timberlac Varnish for Interior Wood 1L [6 Colours]$18.20$19
Nippon Paint Odourless Easywash 1L [1488 Colours]$26$27
Nippon Pylox Paint Solid 400CC [67 Colours]$5.35 $10
Nippon Pylox Paint Metallic 400CC [8 Colours]$5.35$10
Nippon Pylox Paint Fluorescent 400CC [8 Colours]$9.10$10
Nippon Pylox Paint Heat Resistant 400CC [2 Colours]$9.10$10
Nippon Paint 3-in-1 Medifresh 1L [1489 Colours]$24$25
Nippon Paint Aqua Bodelac 1L for Wood & Metal [1489 Colours]$22$27
Nippon Paint Vinyl Silk 1L [1488 Colours]$21$21
Nippon Paint Timbercoat 1L for Exterior Wood [8 Colours]$16.05$15
Nippon Paint Odourless Medifresh 1L [1488 Colours]$26$31
Nippon Paint Mozzie Guard (Anti Mosquito Paint) 1L [1016 Colours]$26$26
Nippon Paint Weather Bond 1L [1489 Colours]$23.01$23
Nippon Solar Shield Varnish for Exterior Wood 1L [7 Colours]$16.05$25
Nippon Paint Weatherbond Algae Guard 5L [1488 Colours]$85$105
Nippon Matex Emulsion Paint 7L [2 Colours]$27.50$30
Nippon Paint Roof Guard 5L [8 Colours]$72.76$76
Nippon Aqua Woodguard Deck 1L Varnish for Exterior Wood [6 Colours]$35$35
Nippon Roadline Paint (Traffic Marking Paint) 5L [4 Colours]$37.45 
Nippon Paint Super Weatherbond SS345 20L [74 Colours]$120 
Nippon Paint Super Matex SS150 20L$74.90 
Nippon Paint Bodelac 9000 Aluminium 1L$18.19$24
Nippon Paint Vinilex 5170 1L, Solvent Base Wall Sealer$15 
Nippon Paint 5101 Odourless Water Based Wall Sealer 1L$11.80$12
Nippon Paint Aqua Primer Sealer Undercoat 1L$14.45$16
Nippon Paint Bodelac Undercoat 9000 1L$9.10$11
Nippon Paint Metal Primer Red Oxide 1L$10.17 
Nippon Paint QD Undercoat 5L$37.45 
Nippon Crystalux Aluminium Wood Primer 5L$53.50 
Nippon Paint Expresskote Water Based Sealer 1L$14.98$18
Nippon Crystalux Alkyd Resin Enamel 5L [71 Colours]$53.50 
Nippon Woodguard Deck 1L Varnish For Exterior Wood $27$28

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FAQs on Buying Nippon Paint in Singapore

What is the difference between Odourless Medifresh paint and EasyWash?

As the name suggests the Odourless Medifresh paint has completely no odour and the EasyWash makes the washing process easy as it has a low sheen. Though EasyWash also has a low odour it does not have anti-bacterial properties whereas the Odourless Medifresh has anti-bacterial properties. Also, the Odourless Medifresh gives a matt finish which looks more professional and makes it easy to wash.

What is the shelf life of paint?

Though the shelf life of a specific type of paint depends on its characteristics and properties, the average shelf life of any paint is calculated to be 18 months from the date of manufacture.

Do water-based paints need thinner?

Water-based paints of Nippon do not need thinner as adding thinner will spoil the paint. Most Nippon paints do not need any dilution.

How to handle hairline cracks on ceiling and walls?

Most of the walls and ceilings will experience hairline cracks at some point. The most common way of handling a hairline crack is filling the cracks with putty and some filling solution. Make sure that you conceal the crack without any small gap and allow at least a day for it to dry. One can also try the Nippon Paint 3-in-1 Medifresh which is very effective in concealing hairline cracks.

How does a Bodelac 9000 differ from Aqua Bodelac?

Bodelac 9000 and Aqua Bodelac are oil-based and water-based paints respectively and both can be used to paint metal and wood. The Bodelac 9000 has higher gloss and strong odour when compared to Aqua Bodelac which dries faster and has low odour.

How to select the right paint in Singapore?

Selecting the right paint might seem to be a tough task as there are numerous types of paints. But if you are clear about your needs and understand specific functionalities and characteristics of each paint, it becomes quite a simple and easy process.

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