Plumbing Services Singapore Price Guide 2023

Plumbing Services Singapore Price Guide 2023

If you’ve lived in a house for more than two years, it’s very likely you’ve had a plumbing issue. Either the faucet’s broken or you’ve had a leaky pipe or something major such as having the toilet bowl replaced. Here at GetHandyman, we have Singapore licensed plumber who can take care your plumbing problems.

Inflation is here to stay, but we try to keep our plumbing services competitive and affordable.

Plumber Singapore Price Guide 2023

Plumbing Services Singapore (All prices inclusive of material, labour & transport)Unit rate SGD
1. Clogged toilet bowl / Clearing toilet bowl chokeFrom $80
2. Clogged floor trap/ Clogged drainage pipe/ Clearing floor trap chokeFrom $80
3. Rectify water discharge into toilet bowl by replacing new siphonFrom $120
4. Labor & material to repair leak at exposed copper pipe or Upvc pipeFrom $130
5. Supplying & replacing toilet/WC flush systemFrom $140
6. Replace Shower SetFrom $150
7. Replace kitchen sink/ Bathroom tap / faucet (basic type)From $150
8. Replace Instant Water HeaterPrice on ask
9. Replace Storage Water HeaterPrice on ask
10. Supply & replace bottle trap for kitchen sinkFrom $90
11. Replace Sink/ Basin/ Cistern flexible hoseFrom $100
Replacement WorkUnit rate
11. Supply & install toilet bowl setFrom $350
12. Supply & install basinFrom $200

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Most customers struggle when a plumbing issue occurs at their home. The first major concern is, they don’t understand what the problem is. The second major concern is if they will be overcharged. In this article, we help users take the right decisions with their plumbing needs.

When we talk about plumbing in Singapore, we can divide the whole process into two main parts. The first one is Water service plumbing work & the other one is Sanitary plumbing work. An array of common fixture tasks like bathtubs, sinks and shower-heads etc. falls under the category of water service plumbing fixtures. While, tasks like kitchen fixtures, bathroom fixtures as well as sewage fixtures falls in the domain of sanitary plumbing domain.

Certified Plumber in Singapore

What comes as a fascinating fact is that, only PUB certified plumbers are allowed to carry out Water service plumbing works across Singapore. So when it comes to availing the services of any plumber, looking forward to their PUB license might come in handy. You can leverage the abilities of any certified plumbers for the purpose of ensuring an absolute fix to your problem.

Do you know rendering the services of a non-PUB certified plumber is not the right way in Singapore, the non-certified plumbers are obviously incompetent & would also end-up giving you more trouble with your plumbing job? You can also look forward to plumbers who might adjust their fees with their service costs. A multi-lingual plumber is always welcome.

plumbier singapore

Most common plumbing issues in Singapore

• Clogged Drainage Pipe
• Clogged Floor Trap
• Leaking Faucets
• Toilet Bowl Leaks
• Clogged Bowl of Toilet

Job Warranty: A win-win
You can also obtain warranties from plumbers who are licensed. The type of warranty depends upon the nature of job or replacement, the period might differ. As we know water issues require immediate attention, thus looking forward to availing the services of any quick plumbing company can be your best pick. Ensure your daily chores function up to mark by availing the best plumbing experience in Singapore. Let’s dig deeper and know more about nature of service and costs involved.

With a success rate of 100%, an array of plumbing companies are there in the country that might come handy. Always remember that, the longer it takes to solve any plumbing problem, the more are the chances that leak or clog will worsen & thus higher degree of damage is also possible. You can hire any plumbing company for the following tasks:

• Pipe installation
• Pipe Leaks
• Sanitary fix leaks
• Replacing taps
• Providing & installing water-heaters
• You can also avail the services of a plumber to replace toiler floors as well as shower screens.

How much might it cost?
Talking about price, here is the price table that might come handy for your plumbing related endeavours

Singapore Plumbing Services Cost

Plumbing is the main aspect of any building because it is responsible to carry the water and waste water to various fixtures in the building. It is a very simple process but if not managed properly it can create a lot of issues in the building. Fixtures like toilets, wash basins, and kitchen sinks are connected to the waste water pipe line and also to the clean water pipe lines.

If any of the pipes are damaged then it will create a lot of unnecessary problems. It is always better to hire a professional who has done this job many times and with good outcome. It is recommended to hire a plumber Singapore for the plumbing services for your building.

Singapore Plumbing Service RatesCost SGD
Clear choked toilet bowl$80 to $300
Clear choked kitchen sinkfrom $80
Supply and install new toilet bowl$150 to $500
Supply and install new basin$100 to $200
Siphon repair or replacement for toilet bowl$80 to $150
Replace new tap, basin, kitchen sinkfrom $60
Replace leaking pipesfrom $80
Install or replace leaking or loose water taps$60 to $200
Install or replace leaking or faulty shower setsfrom $80
Water heater installationfrom $100
Clear clogged floor trap or drainage pipe$60 to $150
Labour and equipment to detect water leakage$120 to $300
Additional charges may be implemented


  • Late night call out
  • Weekend call out
  • Time to buy parts and materials

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The water service plumbing work, in general, is concerned usually with the kitchen as well as bathroom only. But, when we refer to sanitary plumbing domain, installing or relocating sanitary discharge pipes & other apparatus are what a plumber is dealing with. Clogged pipes, refuse pipe cleaning is also a part of sanitary plumbing work. The area of importance is yet again kitchen & your toilet, but the work-in-hand is more diverse and crucial.

Don’t wait until it’s too late

When it comes to most common and major plumbing issues like clogging & concealed pipes, it would be evident to say that every bit of job requires an array of special tools and equipment to deal with. Don’t even think about trying your hands on the task, chances are high that you might blow it all over. As soon as a problem appears, going for an expert touch can be your out of the box pick. You never know when a concealed pipe might blow, thus, serious plumbing problems require serious attention.

For an array of major issues, the average cost rests from $120 and the cost solely depends upon the nature of the job as mentioned above, it might jump as high to $600. You must obtain a professional support for plumbing work associated with septic tanks and sewer as it’s crucial for your health. If there is a leak, call a certified plumber in Singapore as soon as possible.

A sudden rush by a plumber at the site might cost you around a little bit extra, but it’s worth every buck.

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Onsite Plumbing Service Per Trip

Plumbing rates in Singapore are generally fixed and the price is charged per service job. There is no hourly charge for a plumbing job unless the entire house’ plumbing has to be fixed and the plumber charges you by the hour.

Transportation charges: S$30

Plumbing Fees: from S$50

Fees for Buying Products at Local Hardware Store: S$20

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HDB vs Condo vs Landed Properties Plumbing services in Singapore

When it comes to plumbing services in Singapore, there are 3 main categories to keep in mind.

First and foremost there’s the HDB, which is short for Housing & Development Board. This type of housing is typically subsidised by the government, making plumbing services a cost effective choice.

Secondly, there are condos, which are private non-landed properties. As with the HDB, the price list for plumbing services here can vary depending on the provider.

Finally, there are landed properties, with prices being the most expensive, as plumbing services here often involve digging trenches and installing custom fixtures.

Regardless of the property type, one thing to note in Singapore is that there can be a huge difference in price depending on the plumbing services provider.

With HDB, it may start from around $50 an hour, whereas for landed properties it can easily range from $150-200 an hour.

For condos, the range is usually somewhere in the middle. Not all plumbers have the same level of expertise and the same price list, so it’s a good idea to shop around for the best deal for your property type.

Expectations of service should also reflect the price point. Most HDB plumbing services will come with generic plumbing equipment and basic fixtures, where as higher-end services may include custom fixtures and perhaps even a professional consultation and advice.

Ultimately, it’s important to consider your budget, the needs of your property, and the rates of different plumbing professionals to make the right choice.

In conclusion, it is a great relief to know that plumbers in Singapore are continuing to provide competitive prices to suit all budget ranges. With the right research and information, plus the assurance that prices are reasonable and competitive, customers in Singapore can have peace of mind in their decision-making process when it comes to engaging the services of a plumber.

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