Home Painting Services Singapore 2022

Home Painting Services Singapore 2022

As a composition contractual worker Singapore, GetHandyman has worked with home and entrepreneurs, property administrators and designers making tweaked insides and outsides. We represent considerable authority in house painting administrations Singapore.

For more than 15 years, we have kept up a promise to brilliance at aggressive costs, setting up a notoriety of demonstrable skill, steadfastness and best quality workmanship in Singapore.

Trusted Painting Services Singapore

Painting is a sizable expense for the owners of a home or apartment. The painting services in singapore will cost you something between fifty and a hundred dollars per hour.

Painters usually charge you by the hour and by what they cover. That is why they want to cover as many square feet as they can in one day. They are paid once they are finished with one area. The price is not determined by the size of the house or the complexity of the painting project.

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At GetHandyman, each depiction venture gets our most elevated need and tender loving care – from spending plan and intending to conclusive wrap up. From little scale HDB and Condo private tasks to expansive scale business ventures, we generally function as a major aspect of a group, organizing each progression of our artistic creation administrations with all gatherings included. Correspondence and understanding guarantees a sound association and our definitive objective of achievement … customer fulfilment. We are long time accomplices with Nippon Paint Singapore.

Our artwork administrations is SERVICE GUARANTEED – Our evaluating for House Painting Services Singapore as takes after.

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HDB Painting Service in Singapore

HDB Painting Package

HDBSizeSuper EconomicalStandardPremium 
Studio Apt/ 2 room< 490 sqft$650 / $550$750 / $650$850 / $750 
3 room491 – 900 sqft$700 / $600$850 / $700$900 / $800 
4 room901 – 1100 sqft$800 / $700$1,000 / $850$1,100 / $950 
5 room1101 – 1300 sqft$950 / $800$1,150 / $1,050$1,250 / $1,150 
5 room exec1301- 1400 sqft$1,050 / $900$1,300 / $1,150$1,350 /  $1,250 
Mansionette1401 – 1600 sqft$1,250 / $1,000$1,550 / $1,300$1,600 / $1,450 


  • 3 room flat  – (2 – 3 days)
  • 4 room flat – (2- 3 days)
  • 5 room flat – (2- 3 days)
  • Mansionette – (2-4 days)

     Type of paints available:

We only use Genuine Nippon Paints Products with Green Label with the following selections:

    (Click on Paint types for Colour Chart)

  1. Odour-less Medifresh 
    • Almost no odour (for smell-sensitive occupiers)
    • Washable (suitable for regular wall & ceiling cleaning)
    • Low sheen finish (slight shine to brighten up wall)
  2. Odour-less Easy Wash
    • Almost no odour (for smell-sensitive occupiers)
    • Washable (suitable for regular wall & ceiling cleaning)
    • Low sheen finish (slight shine to brighten up wall)
  3. Odour-less All In 1


    • Almost no odour (for smell-sensitive occupiers)
    • Washable (suitable for regular wall & ceiling cleaning)
    • Matt finish (colour have more depth & impact)
  4. Easy Wash with Telfon
    • Washable (suitable for regular wall & ceiling cleaning)
    • Low sheen finish (slight shine to brighten up wall)
    • Telfon Technology (surface protector)
  5. 3 in 1 Medifresh
    • Anti bacteria (suitable for occupants with asthma, flu & diarrhea)
    • Low sheen finish (slight shine to brighten up wall)
  6. Vinyl Silk
    • Silky sheen finish (medium shine to brighten up wall)
  7. Vinilex 5000
    • Classic matt finish
  8. Matex
    • Economic choice
    • Suitable for Rentals
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Things to know when doing HDB Painting in Singapore

There  are other brands available to choose from. Please request from our friendly sales person for further information.

  1. Prices quoted inclusive of paint purchase delivery & application (unless otherwise requested)
  2. Type of manpower provided:
    • For HDB Profesional house painters, only Singaporeans & Malaysian are employed.
  3. Provides additional service of minor shifting of furniture during painting period at a nominal fee
  4. Common Painting Defects from Building Construction & Authority

  HDB vs Condo Painting Services



   Premium Painting Packages (Nippon Odourless(Matt):

HDB Condo Usual/ Promotion
          Studio Apt/ 2 Room < 490 sqft $850 / $750
         3 Room < 491 – 900 sqft $900 / $800
        4 Room 901 – 1100 sqft $1,100 / $950
        5 Room 1101 – 1300 sqft $1,250 / $1,150
        5 Room Exec 1301- 1400 sqft $1,350 /  $1,250
        Mansionette 1401 – 1600 sqft $1,600 / $1,450

All services rendered by GetHandyman.sg- Quality Handyman Service Provider

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Getting Freelancers as Painters for your Home (eg: Carousell)

Painting services in singapore can be done by freelancers and company

.Services by freelancers is a cheaper option compared to company.You can find freelancers via craigslist and gumtree.If you opt for company,you can search your local yellow pages.

Or you can search online. You can search for companies like us that offer painting service Singapore.

However,it is not recommended.There are many companies that offer painting services in Singapore.

You can always find them via online.They offer affordable prices but their work may not be satisfactory.

Price is not the top factor in choosing HOME PAINTER in Singapore

Painters are different from each other in some way. One of the ways is the price. There is a huge difference in the price of painting services in Singapore. It depends on you, your budget, your choice and the standard of painting service you are looking for.

If you are looking for cheap painting services, then try dealing with the Singapore-based online painting freelancers. For a reasonable rate, you can get a good service from them. You can also check the local painters like us.

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