Light Installation Cost in Singapore

Light Installation Cost in Singapore

LED lights (Light-Emitting Diode lights) have taken the market by storm as of late. It is a standout amongst the most vitality productive lighting advancements that keeps on creating at a quick rate. Contrasted with the main LED globules available, new LED lights have progressed significantly towards turning into the main decision for lighting experts everywhere throughout the world.

Having known the upsides of LED lights, there has been another influx of LED lights establishment ask for in Singapore particularly when the costs of LED lights are getting cheaper and work cost of such light installation is getting more affordable.

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Why Install LED Lights rather than Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) and Incandescent Lights

A portion of the reasons that made light-producing diode (LED) lighting the go-to decision in new developments and establishment, include:

LED Light Installation Singapore

LED Driven lights keep going by and large ten times longer than radiant and conservative bright lights. Studies have demonstrated that LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours.

LED Driven lights are more solid than brilliant and smaller glaring lights. Epoxy focal points offer a significantly higher protection from breakage than glass.

Driven lights offer similar (if worse) light quality to different kinds of lighting.

LED lights are more secure, on the grounds that they radiate fundamentally less warmth than glowing lights, along these lines diminishing the danger of consumed fingers and ignition.

Since LED lights utilize such a great deal less vitality than CFL and particularly radiant lights, numerous strings of LED light can be associated with a solitary attachment without over-burdening it. Driven was first developed to give vitality effective lighting. Vitality Star-evaluated LED lights spare cash and vitality. Despite the fact that they utilize 75% less vitality, regardless they last 25% longer than brilliant lights. On the off chance that everybody begins utilizing LED lights, we may yet go far to sparing our planet.

Most home, business, and mechanical items are currently accessible in light-emanating diode (LED) alternatives, with additionally getting to be accessible constantly. In the meantime, LED innovation keeps on creating and enhance, which drives down the cost of these items.

The circumstance where you require LED Light Installation Service

Numerous Singaporeans buy their LED Lights online these days or from abroad which does exclude the establishment of the lights. In that capacity, they would require a circuit repairman to look at if the lights are appropriate for the establishment and to repair the lights. In the event that the voltage is unique, a connector might be required. Accordingly, before you purchase the LED Lights from any online store, ensure that the lights follow the Singapore electrical power standard of 220-240 Volts.

Chandelier Light Installation

light installation singapore

Getting an electrical handyman to install a chandelier for you? We are the experts in this field of work.

Home Lighting Repair Singapore

With regards to the cost of electrical administrations, we for the most part interest at the least cost with sensibly great quality electrical work especially light installation Singapore. Enlisting a decent circuit tester without spending excessively is critical in light of the fact that the vast majority of us have a place with the center wage family and each dollar of investment funds checks.

Regardless of whether you have to introduce an extra switch or attachment, we will have the capacity to cite you a moderate cost for the electrical administrations. We are straightforward with our estimating with no shrouded cost. We invite you to contrast our cost and the cost cited by different circuit repairmen. Our cost is either lower or near the value they cited. What we guarantee is quality electrical work with sensibly low cost.

Affordable Light Installation Cost Singapore

No.Description of ServiceOur Price for 1st InstallationOur Price for 2nd and Subsequent Installation
1Replace Light BulbSGD40 to SGD55SGD40 to SGD55Per Replacement
2Replace Light FittingsSGD40 to SGD55SGD40 to SGD55Per Replacement
3Replace Light On-Off SwitchSGD50 to SGD55SGD50 to SGD55Per Replacement
4Install Lighting PointSGD50 to SGD60SGD30 to SGD40Per Installation
5Install Down LightSGD50 to SGD55SGD50 to SGD55Per Installation
6Install ChandelierSGD105 to SGD125SGD100Per Installation


Light Installation Singapore


There are different types of charges charged by different professionals. But, generally speaking, most professionals charge by the individual work that is done. Very rarely you will encounter a professional who charges by the hour for these type of services.


Here are the most common services


Light Bulb Replacement

This is a common service requirement, especially if there are a lot of light bulbs to be replaced and also if the light bulbs are inaccessible places.


Replace Light Fittings

Lights aren’t on the wall by themselves, they are part of the fittings and if some of those fittings aren’t working properly, they will have to be replaced.


Installation of lighting point

Sometimes you decide you want more lighting in a specific room and a light point needs to be installed. You definitely need to hire a professional for this sort of requirement.


Installation of Chandelier

As said earlier, chandelier installation is hard to do and Singaporean customers prefer a professional to come and replace the chandelier.


Above fees exclude transportation cost of S$30 per trip.

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