Hinge Replacement for Door Repair in Singapore

Hinge Replacement for Door Repair in Singapore

There comes a time when you are required to repair those dusky cabinet doors in your kitchen or rooms. Well, it could be pretty cumbersome for many to get their hand on a set of tools. Although, there is no rocket science in replacing hinges of the cabinet. In this article, we’ll talk about the simplest and robust way of replacing the cabinet door hinges.

You must know what tools you require before executing the job, you must have a screwdriver, a measurement tape, pencil, hinge-cutting bit and a drill machine.

We’ve divided the Door Repair Services for Hinge Replacement into five simple steps:-

Step 1:

The prime step is to remove those old broken or loose hinge plate simply by unscrewing. Just unscrew the broken hinge and remove it.

Step 2:

Mark the position of placing the new fringe with the help of a pencil. Always strive to look for a robust and strong place to get a solid attachment to the door or cabinet structure. Place the hinge little lower than the previous position and reattach the plate.

Step 3:

Now that you have the position and pencil markings of the new hinge on the door/cabinet, it is time to measure off the position for the brand new hinge. Next step is drilling the holes.

Step 4:

A 32mm bit size is advisable for the hinge-attaching task. Place the drill tip and apply a firm pressure at the new hinge position. Always take utmost care while drilling, as you must not drill too deeper.

Step 5:

Attach the hinge and screw it in place with the help of a power screwdriver. Now you are just required to re-attach the cabinet’s door. Re-hang the door with added ease, you can also look forward to painting or provide a coloured finish to the door.

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