Floor Trap Choke and Bathroom Drainage Choke in Singapore

Floor Trap Choke and Bathroom Drainage Choke in Singapore

When it comes to clogged drain pipes, it would be evident to say that it’s one of the most common yet irritating plumbing problems in Singapore. There can be an array of reasons behind a clogged drain pipe and stuck floor trap, we can say the most common ones are residual deposition as well as accumulation of dirt in the vicinity. Do you know pieces of your hair or even dirt can travel through the pipe and cause a pretty touch clog? Well, keeping the pipes clean and clear can be your state of the art pick, for this purpose, you might require professional plumbing support.

Pipes used in the homes contain various plumbing fixtures such as various bends to carry water to more than one location and then to drain out the wastewater out of the home. People perform various tasks to use water without any second thought such as taking a shower, wash hands, & clothes, using RO for drinking water in addition to flushing the toilet.

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Plumbing services to Clearing Choke Available In Singapore

The most common plumbing issue faced by individuals at home is that of a drain choke. A clog or a drain choke can prevent the use of some areas in your home that lead to water inlet or an outlet. There is no other way but to remove the clog in your drain to use the unused areas again.

Water issues just cannot be taken lightly, one needs to be vigilant enough to nip the problem in the bud before it is blown out of proportion and costly plumbing help remains the only way out. Some common problems are quite easy to carry out. A clogged toilet can be the problem of the water flowing out to the floor but it can be solved easily by making the adjustments with the water knob. Similar water knobs can be found beneath the sinks in bathroom and kitchen.

Causes of Drainage Choke:
The problem may arise due to your own negligence or from some other member of your family. An array of different methods available to clear the clog in your home. One can make use of some home remedies to clear the choke caused due to organic matter but other than that a professional help is the only way out. There can be many reasons behind a drain choke. Accumulation of dirt, residue, large fragments of hair are few reasons behind a clogged drain. The drain pipes are not big enough to accommodate large bits of dirt and hair and can cause the choke.

Certified Plumbers:
A set of certain Rules & Regulations are there for plumbing domain in Singapore. Only a certified PUB plumber is eligible to accomplish plumbing services across Singapore. Taking the services of any non-PUB certified plumber is an offence in Singapore. In order to save you just may end up having the unprofessional approach and might end up with more damage than before. Additionally, if this act is uncovered you may be penalized with a strong fine. So next time just be aware and check the license of a certified PUB plumber

Identify the issue:
Although one can carry out some minor repairs at home for that, the foremost thing is to identify the problem.

A Proper Tools-set is required for Clearing Chokes

Usually, the issue is created due to dirt and hairs getting trapped in the pipe and thereby causing the choke. For resolving the problem a drain plunger is the basic tool that is required. Some products that are used in homes such as baking soda, lemon, and vinegar are of great help. Therefore, making a cleaning solution from the products available at the home can be of great help. The homemade solution of baking soda, vinegar, and lemon might dissolve the dirt and residue and clear the pipe.

Proper Method to use Homemade Solution
The foremost step is to pour the hot water into the pipe until it is full. After that put half a cup of baking soda along with lemon juice and leave it for 5-6 minutes, then put a cup of hot water and a cup of vinegar and again leave it for 11-12 minutes. If the dirt accumulated is heavy one may have to repeat the process few more times until the pipe is cleared.

If the problem still persists just do not delay and get a professional help. Plumbing is a serious business. It requires the acumen of a professional since the issues like a clogged drain or a drain choke happen inside the concealed pipe network.

Cost of Clearing Choke Services in Singapore

An average cost of major plumbing issues comes around $150 but depending upon the nature of the problem and the complexities, it may shoot up to as high as $600. If you are facing any plumbing issues, don’t be complacent. Call the certified plumber by whatsapping us your problem.

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