Nippon or Dulux Paint – Which is better for your home in Singapore?

Nippon or Dulux Paint – Which is better for your home in Singapore?

When you are renovating your house, every decision is a big one. But the biggest among them is choosing the right paint. There are indeed too many choices available here in Singapore and today we shall look at the two bigger players – Nippon and Dulux.

Nippon vs Dulux

nippon vs dulux singapore painting

Colour Options

Most of us have varying tastes when it comes to choosing a paint colour. A kid’s room may be painted in blue or pink and a hall will have a different colour. The brand with the most colour options in Singapore is Nippon. They stock pastel colours as well as captivating and rich colours like Red, Bright Yellow and Navy Blue. Apart from colour options, they also offer varying shades depending on your requirements. Compared to Dulux, Nippon has more colour and shade options.


Winner: Nippon


Paint type options

There is various type of paints that are available in the market. Easy clean, Oil based paints, Water-based paints, Matte Paint, Egg-shell and satin paint, semi-gloss and gloss paint. Nippon offers a wide range of paint type options whereas Dulux offers only a few of these options.


Winner : Nippon


Cleaning of walls

If you have toddlers or kids in the house, then wall drawings are a given. Good quality paint won’t come off easily. Nippon has a range of easy wash paints that let you wash the walls without the paint coming off.


Winner: Nippon


Keeping your home cool

Singapore gets hot and one aspect of good quality paint is stopping the heat from coming through the walls. Nippon has amazing heat reflective properties that cut heat by at least 2 to 3 degrees. As Dulux’s paints are thick, they retain the heat from the outside and are not reflective.


Winner:  Nippon


Cost of Paint

The cost of paint is the biggest decision for most homeowners and Nippon has a dedicated segment for house painting on a budget. They use a special thin paint that is of high quality and reasonably priced.

Nippon prices have been an uptrend due to their branding. Dulux is a clear winner here.


Winner: Dulux



The best way to judge the environmental friendliness of a product is to measure the VOC contents in the paint.

In this case, both Nippon and Dulux are pretty good. But Nippon edges out Dulux because of its Zero VOC paints whereas Dulux has 50 grams of VOC per litre of paint. This isn’t harmful per se, but if given a choice, you should pick zero VOC.


Winner: Nippon



Nippon is a popular brand and has been the number one brand in Singapore for decades. Due to this, they are stocked in more shops and are competitively priced. As Dulux is used mostly for outdoor painting jobs and renovation jobs, their supply is limited to a few specific shops.

So if you are looking to do a quick paint job and want to find a paint shop near your house, it’s highly likely you’ll find Nippon paint.


Winner: Nippon


Painting the exterior of your home

For external painting, the clear winner is Dulux because of the quality of paint that is suited to an external environment. Dulux’s external paints can weather the harshest of climates.


Winner: Nippon


Brand Reputation

Keep in mind, Good quality paint lasts for decades, while bad quality paint just lasts for a few years. Nippon has proved time and again that it’s the go-to brand when it comes to longevity and durability. Singapore’s No. 1 paint brand for a long time has been Nippon.


Winner: Nippon

nippon vs dulux


Features Winner
Colour Options Nippon
Paint type Options Nippon
Easy Wall Cleaning Nippon
Keeping your Home Clean Nippon
Cost of Paint Dulux
Environment-Friendly Nippon
Availability Nippon
Outside painting Dulux
Brand Reputation Nippon


Nippon is the undisputed leader in the market in Singapore and it’s safe to say they will continue to be because of their affordability and quality.

Nippon’s paints are highly durable because of the high-quality materials have gone into producing them. They are long lasting and stick on to the toughest surfaces.

Their paints are fast drying, which means within a few days your paint job will be ready.

Nippon also creates paint that is resistant to Fungus, Mold and Alkali which can be a cause of worry during the rainy seasons in Singapore.

Overall, it’s a brand trusted by service professionals and end users by and large.

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