Finding Handyman Services in Singapore

Finding Handyman Services in Singapore

You may be satisfied with the condition of your home and office at Singapore right now but there are still certain things for which you need the help of professional. Either you need a hand in painting of your home or office, or there may be a need for someone who can fix the leakage in the pipe. There are certain times when you need an expert to change an electric socket or an electric bulb, other than that there may be a need of carpenter sometimes. Frankly speaking, if you hire a handyman, your work will complete quickly and it will not charge you too much. There are a lot of handyman services in Singapore which offer a lot of services but you need to choose wisely as not all services are equal.

The biggest plus point if you are hiring a handyman is that the handyman is expert in two or more trades like if you are asking for an electrician then you can be sure that he will be equally expert as a plumber or a carpenter. Another big boon of a handyman service is the cheap prize they provide along with the highly trained professionals.

Why are the other handyman services a lot cheap?

There is a big misconception about these services among people that they are costly. But in reality, they are quite cheap and if you are taking service for a long time then they become even more cheaper. Most of the people hire unlicensed people to get their work done in a lower cost but there is a big chance that these people can damage the work completely as they do not have the proper information to complete the job according to your satisfaction. So, only higher trained and licensed people as a handyman.

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Price List of Handyman Service

  • Replacing the Door Knob = SGD$60
  • Replacing the Bedroom Door = SGD$100
  • Installing Shelves = SGD$50
  • Installing TV brackets = SGD$80
  • Installing wall mounted fan = SGD$60
  • Installing a ceiling fan = SGD$100
  • Installing a chandelier = SGD$100
  • Installing mirrors = SGD$60
  • Installing frames and pictures = SGD$60
  • Assembling chairs and tables = SGD$60
  • Replacing leaked pipes = SGD$50
  • Replacing or installing a toilet bowl = SGD$180
  • Replacing or installing water taps = SGD$60
  • Replacing or installing shower sets = SGD$70
  • Clearing basin, kitchen, or toilet bowl = SGD$100 – 200
  • Replacing or installing instant heater = SGD$70
  • Replacing or installing big heater = SGD$100
  • Replacing switch socket outlet = SGD$60
  • Replacing light bulbs or light fittings = SGD$60
  • HDB painting service for 3 room = SGD$980
  • HDB painting service for 4 room = SGD$1280
  • HDB painting service for 5 room = SGD$1580
  • Executive HDB painting service for 5 room = SGD$1780
  • Other than all these there are SGD$60 charges as per trip cost.


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For finding the best handyman service in Singapore you can opt for the local search engine but don’t forget to check the reviews before you hire one.

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  1. hi, can request quotation for
    1)dismantling of 10ft top and bottom Kitchen cabinets, 2 Vanity cabinets and disposal of 5 pieces of furniture?
    2)constructing 10ft top and bottom new set of kitchen cabinets with solid surface top.
    3)constructing 2 sets of 2 ft vanity cabinets
    4)change and supply 3 door knobs
    5)install 1 toilet bowl

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