Where to buy Door Knob in Singapore

Where to buy Door Knob in Singapore

Nowadays, you can never be too safe, especially when it comes to your private property. Whether it’s for your home, your office, or your place of business, you want to make sure that what you’re building is safe and sound, secured against anything and anyone with less than good intentions. While you can spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on the latest security systems and surveillance cameras, one of the most cost-effective investments towards securing your property is a high-quality door lock.

Whether you’re in Singapore or elsewhere, a good door lock can spell the difference between the security of your property and the violation of your rights and the sanctity of your spaces. If you’re in the market for a new, high-quality door lock, then we recommend getting one online from a trusted establishment.

Buying Door Locks Online vs. In-Store

The only difference between online stores and in-store – is that when it comes to in-store you can look up the product you are looking for in-person but it’s more time-consuming, but when it’s through an online store it’s less time consuming because you can just search up to any online store what kind of locks you want to purchase, and automatically, within 30sec..-1 min., there will be a thousand and more products will be shown to you for you to choose from, and that will also include the type of lock suitable to whatever kind of locks you were searching for.

Why online? Ever since the start of the pandemic and the quarantine protocols that followed thereafter, consumers around the world have started to adopt online shopping as the go-to method in which they procure their needs and wants. Online shopping is safer and more convenient, too. You won’t have to go out and put yourself at risk by shopping in-store, and you can avoid all of the hassles associated with shopping such as long lines, overpriced goods, and the lack of available information on the products you want. Buying online also gives you a ton of options, since most models and manufacturers can be found just about anywhere on the internet.

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Best Places to Buy Door Locks in Singapore

Online shopping isn’t a new trend, but with the pandemic, it’s quickly turning into one of the mainstream ways people get the products they want, especially here in Singapore. If you’re looking for a high-quality door lock, it’s important to make sure you’re buying from somewhere that’s trusted, reliable, and deals in the best quality goods and services. Here are the two we recommend:

Lazada SG

Pros – Why Buy Door Locks Here?

  • Lots of great deals and discounts
  • Efficient when it comes to retails
  • Offers free shipping promos
  • More affordable shipping fees

Cons – Why Others May Be Better

  • Delivery time is longer

Since they popped up on the radar in 2014, Lazada has been one of the most popular online shopping destinations in Asia. With a ton of partner suppliers and retailers under their platform, Lazada SG offers one of the largest selections of products available online. Plus, since they partner with a lot of well-known stores in Singapore, it’s common to find plenty of buyer guarantees such as warranties, which are great when you’re looking for a door lock for your home or business.

Shopee SG

Pros – Why Buy Door Locks Here?

  • Lots of courier partners across Singapore
  • Best deals and lowest-price guarantees
  • Higher shipping fees

Cons – Why Others May Be Better

  • More wholesale-oriented

If you’re looking for the best deals available anywhere, one of the first places to look is Shopee SG. With plenty of customer-oriented events and promos, Shopee SG gives customers the potential to get big savings compared to when buying in-store. They even have Lowest-Price Guarantee (LPG) certification for many of their product listings, so you can rest assured that you’re paying less for the same quality and value you can get from big-time retailers and wholesalers.

Top 6 Best Door Locks You Can Buy Online

When you’re in the market for a door lock – whether it’s for your home, your office, or your place of business – one thing you don’t want to skimp on is quality. Sure, there are plenty of low-cost alternatives out there, but with all of the makes and models available online, it’s good to be a little skeptical. That’s why we’ve come up with this curated list of the best door locks you can buy in Singapore – so you can make sure that your next door lock purchase is a solid investment towards the safety and security of your private property. Read on to find out more:


door knob singapore

Images from Lazada SG

We’re starting this list off strong with one of the latest and most technologically advanced door locks available on the market today: the SAMSUNG SHP-DR708. Instead of your standard key-and-tumbler door locks, the SAMSUNG SHP-DR708 utilizes state-of-the-art security technology to provide superior safety for your property. With this door lock, your smartphone can be used as an easy-access key. It also offers digital biometric security that can store up to 100 fingerprints, as well as a programmable 4-12 digit PIN Code with a maximum of 100 stored PINs. These extra access features helps make sure that you can always access the door lock when you need to, while still keeping you safe from any kind of unauthorized entry.

One of the best features about the SAMSUNG SHP-DR708 is that it comes with a built-in break-in alarm. In case of damage or forced entry, the smart door lock transmits a message directly to your smartphone to notify you of the occurrence.

While the SAMSUNG SHP-DR708 does offer some of the best security features money can buy, customers looking for this level of high-end security should expect to pay a hefty sum for this modern door lock.

Get it now on Lazada SG | Get it now on Shopee SG

NIKAWA Hand Lever Lock 6841

door knob lazada singapore

Images from Lazada SG

One of the best options for closet and basement doors, the NIKAWA Lever Lock 6481 is great option when you need secure but convenient access to rooms and closets. Of course, this door lock can also be used for main doors but is built for doors measuring anywhere between 32mm and 50mm in thickness. It comes with three brass keys so you always have a spare handy even without paying a visit to your local locksmith, and the manufacturer guarantees 150,000 uses before ever showing signs of wear and tear. If you get it on Lazada SG at the link below, Singapore-based seller Ascend Hardware will even throw in a comprehensive warranty.

However, despite its quality and functionality, the NIKAWA Hand Lever Lock 6481 offers a dated design that doesn’t lend itself all that well to comfort and ease-of-use. Demand for lever locks have been dwindling in lieu of more modern designs, and because of the typically complicated lock mechanism, they may not be as reliable as other models.

Get it now on Lazada SG

NIKAWA Cylindrical Lock 3871

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Images from Lazada SG

Another great product from NIKAWA, the Cylindrical Lock 3871 is a versatile door lock that can used just about anywhere Whether it’s for your home, your office, or your place of business, this cylindrical lock is especially effective for interior rooms and doors. Composed of a faceplate box strike, latch screws, and a set of knobs (exterior and interior), the NIKAWA Cylindrical Knob 3871 also comes with three brass keys that can be used as spare. Durable and made of solid steel, this door lock offers plenty of protection against the typical methods of forced or unauthorized entry, and the copper keyhole ensures a longer life span with innate anti-corrosion properties. Plus, just like with every other door lock made by NIKAWA, it’s guaranteed for 150,000 uses before wearing out.

While a cylindrical door knob does offer one of the most convenient ways to gain entry into a room, it offers minimal security and is best paired with a high-quality deadbolt.

Get it now on Lazada SG | Get it now on Shopee SG

NIKAWA Handle Set Lock 7081

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Images from Lazada SG

NIKAWA Handle Set Lock 7081 is a great option that offers an additional layer of security and durability. With a separate lock mechanism and opening mechanism, the NIKAWA Handle Set Lock is less prone to wear and is more difficult to break into compared to other locks. Think of it as a door lock and deadbolt in one: you get the convenience of easy access with the security of a deadbolt. Designed for doors anywhere between 32mm and 48mm thick, the NIKAWA Handle Set Lock 7081 is assured for 200,000 uses before possible wear and tear. If you get it from Lazada SG using the link provided, trusted seller Ascend Hardware will cover the warranty, too.

One downside to the NIKAWA Handle Set Lock 7081 is that it’s a little more complicated to install, and in case it does break down, repair and installation will be more complicated than with a standard door lock.

Get it now on Lazada SG | Get it now on Shopee SG

NIKAWA Deadbolt Lock D101

Images from Shopee SG

Deadbolts offer superior security and accessibility, and are a stable door lock in most homes, offices, and business establishments. With the NIKAWA Deadbolt Lock D101, you’re getting one of the highest standards in door security, all in an affordable and high-quality model. Providing additional durability and security with the lock mechanism made of solid Zinc, this deadbolt is more resistant to breakage and forced entry. This particular model is suitable for doors anywhere between 32mm and 45mm thick.

One downside of getting a sturdy deadbolt like the NIKAWA Deadbolt Lock D101 is that, because of the sheer difficulty of gaining access without a key, losing your key can be a major headache.

Get it now on Lazada SG | Get it now on Shopee SG

QUEEN Stainless Steel Padlock

Images from Lazada SG

Typically used for gates and outdoor entry points, padlocks can also come in handy as a door lock when you need extra security and portability. Versatile enough for use anywhere, the QUEEN Stainless Steel Padlock is a great, durable, high-security option that can be used either as a main lock or a secondary lock for your home, business, or office. With armor plating, pull resistance, and 7-pin plugs, this padlock is a tight security measure that’s sure to keep out any unwanted visitors. It’s also highly durable thanks to the hardened steel plate, designed to be resistant against cutting and drilling.

Get it now on Lazada SG | Get it now on Shopee SG

Final Thoughts

With locks installed your door will give you the best comfortable – secured and protected – home, office, and workplace. Even though you are busy dozing off in your bedroom, no one will have the chance to break into your home. Also, as a father, we need to make sure that our families are safe right? So, we hope that you find the locks you were looking for on the list that we made right here and start investing in locks to your doors.

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